My name is Brandy, and the sailors say I'm a fine girl. I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, writer, reader, gamer, dreamer, and above all, storyteller.
Out of the components that make up my work, I am most drawn to sincerity. Simply put, I want to make things and care about them. Boredom inspires me. When the world seems dull and uninteresting, it makes me want to fill it with stuff and create environments to pack with stories. My life exists somewhere between being painfully logical and lost in an overly complicated daydream. I'll gush over the simplistic splendor of the minimalist layout of a company's branding, then rush to document an ornate and hand-lettered cafe sign on the side of the road. Sometimes, I have a detailed plan of attack for a new project; other times, the project decides for itself what it wants to be.
The best way for me to understand emotions and complex concepts is for me to craft them into something more tangible. I try to put a bit of my soul in all that I do. I'd rather become hopelessly obsessed with something than be apathetic for a moment.
I can also just make flyers, banner ads, and e-blasts because I'm a slave to capitalism just like you. It doesn't always have to be that deep.
You've seen I give myself a few titles, but the primary ones are: graphic designer, illustrator, and storyteller. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but what does it mean to label yourself a storyteller, other than to be artsy and pretentious? For me, being a storyteller is at the heart of all that I do. It could be very literal, in writing a tale or illustrating a fantasy, but it could also mean picking a color scheme that has a reference to the source material in a poster or combining typefaces that both relate to an era in time. I start with a meaning and work my way out. Will most people see these things or know they exist? Probably not. But when you have a chance to, why wouldn’t you make something meaningful?
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