Our creative team was brought the unique task of creating a brand's identity from the ground up. While creating the logo was a collaborative process, I was the lead designer for the website, and I established the brand voice.
Unlike most of our site projects, Elevate Academy is a one-page site. We decided that this option would be best to convey the information in a concise and smooth manner. Knowing that the audience would be a younger demographic, we focused on the site being both slick and dynamic.
In establishing a brand voice, inspiration was founded on the idea of "tough love" coaching, and gritty honesty, something we think will appeal to a younger audience, one that can sniff out inauthenticity easily. To support those ideas, we wanted the voice and messaging to feel youthful, fun, and inspirational without becoming kitschy and too sentimental. We created a document full of headlines and quotes that can be used later and quickly pulled out for future projects!
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