Amidst the unique landscape of 2021, where uncertainty lingered, the enthusiasm of high school students for their future remained undiminished. In a bid to ignite their excitement for joining RMCAD, we conceived two captivating promotional items, each a testament to innovation and individuality.
The first creation takes the form of a lip balm package, a delightful prelude to the main event. Bursting with vibrant, colorful icons, the packaging itself serves as a miniature canvas, hinting at the creative journey that awaits. This "promo for the promo" sets the tone for what's to come – a playful and immersive experience designed to captivate and engage.
At the heart of this campaign lies the pièce de résistance: a customizable backpack. Ingeniously designed, the backpack arrives with a pristine canvas, ready to be adorned with artistic expression. The use of gradients, thoughtfully curated in alignment with the school's distinctive program colors, infuses the backpack with a dynamic vibrancy that mirrors the spectrum of creativity students will explore. But it doesn't stop there – the provided markers invite students to become co-creators, to infuse their unique style onto the very emblem of their future education.
The copywriting ingeniously weaves anticipation and creativity, urging students to participate in the transformative process of art school preparation. This thoughtful touch not only engages but empowers, making the journey toward RMCAD an inspiring and interactive endeavor.
This promotional duo encapsulates more than just practical items; it encapsulates the ethos of artistic exploration and personalization that RMCAD champions. It stands as a tangible representation of a community that values individual expression and is committed to nurturing the boundless potential of each student.
This project has won gold for AAF SWFL ADDYs (2022) and silver for 37th Annual Educational Advertising Awards (2022).
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