For this project, I was entrusted with the creation of four captivating illustrations for Iowa State University's Extension and Outreach program called "SSES" (Spend Smart, Eat Smart). The primary goal was to develop engaging and informative visuals that would contribute to the program's mission of teaching financial and nutritional literacy. These illustrations showcase scenes from kitchens, designed with a cartoony coloring book style. Each image contains two deliberately placed incorrect elements for website visitors to identify and click on. Upon clicking, a pop-up explanation elucidates why that particular element is considered improper within the kitchen. Additionally, I provided mockups to illustrate how these interactive illustrations would appear on the program's website.
Project Objectives:
Engagement: Create eye-catching and interactive content to engage website visitors, making the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.
Education: Promote financial and nutritional literacy by using visual cues and explanations to convey the importance of making wise decisions in the kitchen.
Website Integration: Design these illustrations to seamlessly integrate into the SSES website, enhancing the user experience.
Art Style: The chosen art style for these illustrations is reminiscent of a coloring book, emphasizing a playful and cartoony aesthetic. This choice not only makes the scenes visually appealing but also facilitates an interactive learning environment. The bright, inviting colors and simplified, yet recognizable, depictions of various kitchen elements aim to resonate with a wide audience.
By merging educational objectives with a captivating visual style, these illustrations aim to not only capture the attention of the website's visitors but also educate them about the fundamental aspects of financial and nutritional literacy in a fun and interactive manner. Through this project, I strived to support the SSES program's mission to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to spend smart and eat smart.
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