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RMCAD New Student Engagement Project
Item 1: Lip Balm Teaser
You’re the Balm
Oh, “CHAPPY” Day! 
We’ve got a surprise for you…
Time to kiss high school goodbye, and say hello to RMCAD!
The most exciting part of taking the next step in your development as a creative is all the possibilities that lie ahead.  At RMCAD, you get to decide how you’ll make your creativity come to life. 
Excited yet? Just wait until you see what else we’ll be sending your way soon.
It’ll help “carry” you forward.
We’ve got your “back” every step of the way.

Item 2: Backpack
A Future in the Making…
Yay for you!
This is the start of something beautiful.
A blank canvas.
It's something every artist starts with. A barren plain, a perfectly clean slate, an unfilled world. The most exciting part is that first step - that first stroke. There aren't any preformed shapes to fill; there aren't expectations or rules. Whatever you decide, you create.
A bit like your future.
By enrolling at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, you'll be joining a community of fellow creatives like yourself. You'll be taught by real artists, designers, and liberal arts professionals who have lived and worked in their respective industries. They will help and guide you as you turn your blank canvas into a masterpiece: your future.
At RMCAD, you get to decide how you'll make your creativity come to life. We believe in originality. Creativity happens outside the lines. Passion, talent, and groundbreaking innovation live here.
But you have to take that first step.
As you embark on this exciting journey of becoming a part of the RMCAD creative community, we want you to enjoy this blank canvas: a backpack. Take the provided markers (or any other medium you have on hand) and design something you'd love to carry with you wherever inspiration takes you. Think of it as a creative representation of you.
Ready to show off a bit?
Be sure to snap a few pics or even take a time-lapse video of your final piece and share it with us on social media (@RMCAD with the #ShareAndWear)!

To see this copy used within the project, check it out here:

Selected Copy Written for Celsius Marketing | Interactive Website
Our Culture
Come create with us.

Culture is more than a motivational poster with a dangling cat or a bumper sticker trying desperately to inspire you with empty platitudes.

At Celsius, we’re a group of development wizards, number crunchers, visual visionaries, relationship bonders, and storytellers. Between meetings and proposals, we’re having lunches together and chatting about our latest binge-worthy shows or interesting restaurants we’ve been to. Between marketing strategies and social media plans, we’re bringing in our pups (and the occasional hedgehog!) for some much-needed, stress-relieving pet time.

Almost every company these days will say they "work hard and play hard," to the point that it's become a cliché. And sure, we do…but there's so much more than that.
Creativity, Camaraderie, & Collaboration:

The culture both in our office and remotely encourages an environment for people to do amazing things. Celsius is a place where we can be ourselves, take risks, and push forward to continuously learn and grow as both people and an agency.

What Is Culture?

Culture is more than a copy + pasted mission statement, exclamations of "teamwork" and results, and free company T-shirts.
Culture is grown; it's matured; it's cultivated. And our culture at Celsius is a lot like how we think…we do it differently.

Our Work
Creative Genius, Inquire Within
We’re not going to toot our own horn here… we’re going to blare it. 📣 Honk, honk.
After meetings, proposals, strategies, brainstorms, drafts, revisions and finally … approval … we get to see the fruits of our labor. And to say we’re proud parents of our little creations is an understatement – these babies are hung up on the fridge!
Nothing compares to the pride we feel when our clients are happy with our work. We love to see their stories come to life and stand front and center for their brand. When we put our heads together to create impactful and memorable campaigns, we deliver the results. Believe it or not, there is method to our madness.
Case Studies
The old adage goes, “… it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Process is just as important as the final product to us. An epic isn’t written overnight, just like a brand isn’t established without effort and intention.
Curious to see how that process takes shape? Take a more in-depth look at our clients and our process with these case studies.
Copy written for this page:

General Email for Clients for Celsius Marketing | Interactive
Subject Line:
Your Ultimate Digital Marketing Wingman
Hope this email finds you well and kicking digital butt. Speaking of digital, are you ready to take your business to the next level? We've got you covered!
At Celsius Marketing, we've got everything you need to win the digital game. From digital marketing and advertising to SEO and web design, creative design and video production, mixed media management, and social media, we're the total package.
Think of us as your digital wingman. We'll help you navigate the digital world and crush your competition with our tailored solutions. Whether you need more website traffic, leads, or sales, we'll make sure your business stands out in the crowded digital landscape.
Our team of experts knows the digital game inside and out. We've got the skills, creativity, and passion to help you succeed. And with our cutting-edge tools and techniques, you'll be ahead of the game in no time.
Don't believe us? Check out our portfolio and see for yourself. We've helped countless businesses just like yours make their mark on the world. And we're not stopping anytime soon.
Thanks for considering Celsius Marketing as your ultimate wingman. Let's rock the digital world together!
Celsius Marketing

Blog: Good vs. Bad Websites: How does your website stack up?
Many of us probably got our start in web design when we were editing the HTML on our MySpace themes. Flashing backgrounds, script fonts everywhere… those were truly peak design choices back then. Now? Well, web design has come a long way from that. Websites are absolutely essential for modern day business. But what’s the difference between “good” vs. “bad” websites, and how does your website stack up? Let’s talk about what makes or breaks a website and the non-negotiables that your business’ website should include:
Design: User-Friendly and Clean
Good Websites: Design isn’t just fun colors, pretty pictures or cool animations. Successful websites adopt a design that isn’t outdated, doesn’t include too many colors or fonts, and has a cleaner look. Balancing the image to text ratio is also a major difference between good vs. bad websites. Good websites include a healthy mix of imagery to compliment the information in the text.
It’s imperative to implement a design strategy that encompasses user experience plus aesthetics. Ensuring an easy user experience (UX) throughout the website by including an easy-to-use navigation with buttons and links that take users exactly where they need to go is how you can accomplish this. We bet a fair few of you are reading this blog on your phone, right? Let’s not forget that mobile-friendly design and experience is also essential for a website’s success and eliminates user frustration. Most users come from their mobile device or interact with websites in the mobile setting. Ensuring what their experience is handheld is super important.
Having a strategy or clear objective for what your website should be doing for your business is also what makes a good vs. bad website. This includes having clear call-to-actions throughout the site that make it easy for a user to contact or take the action to meet the objective you decided on is best for your business. For example, your objective is to use your website as a source for phone calls where customers can call to inquire about your product or service. The call to action could look like a “Call Us” button or “Request More Info” form placed in a major traffic area on the website.
Bad Websites: Have you ever gone to a website and felt lost? It shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to understand the navigation. Websites that don’t stack up design-wise usually only focus on what the website looks like and rather than how it interacts with its users. Navigation bars are disorganized and not clear on what information is available, there are more pictures than content, and mobile UX is severely lacking. Just because a website is aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t mean it works!
Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Good Websites: Do you know the best place to hide something you don’t want anyone to find? On the second page of Google! Most online experiences begin with a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Including SEO as part of your website strategy so the people that are looking for you can find you from anywhere sets you up for success. SEO efforts are usually implemented through the backend of a website.
A good SEO strategy for good vs. bad websites can include snippet adjustments, slug optimization, a stellar keyword strategy, and curating webpage content to meet search engine requirements. These requirements help your website rank above your competition in the search results. The main goal for SEO: appearing on the first page of a search result.
Bad Websites: Yup, you’ve ended up in The Forgotten Zone Beyond The First Page of Google. If you are not utilizing SEO practices, you have a bad website. In addition, if the content from your website hasn’t been updated in a while and doesn’t continue to be updated often, your website is destined to appear in the last pages of a search engine query—not a good place to be. If a website is live but no one can find it, does it even exist?
Let Us Help!
Your website should be a captivating, awe-inspiring, and a lead-generating machine. If it’s not, either your website isn’t awesome, or no one can find it. Or both.
Let the marketing geniuses at Celsius Marketing | Interactive design and develop a website to engage, inspire or convert. And we’ll also help you with organic and paid search optimization strategies, reporting and more! Let us take the burden off you and help you get real results. Let’s talk.

Blog: Unleashing Creativity with RMCAD’s New Website 
We’re excited to announce the launch of Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design’s (RMCAD) new website, re-designed by yours truly, us. 
Our long-standing relationship with the Colorado art school has allowed our talented team of designers to create an innovative and intuitive web design that emphasizes RMCAD’s focus on pure creativity, art education, and out-of-the-box thinking.
After a deep-dive into upcoming web design trends and aesthetics, the design team began their creative journey into this site’s redesign. We brought in a lot of dynamic motion elements inspired by a style often called “scrollytelling.” Many of our design motifs mimic the mountains that inspired the school’s namesake. We snuck in little nuggets of creativity wherever we could, from custom hero images to sleek animated icons.
The design direction also took into consideration to mirror our recent video projects for RMCAD, allowing a seamless integration of messaging and assets across the channels. The results showcase a web presence that reflects the creativity, inspiration, and innovation that RMCAD has to offer!
Check out the website Our team is dedicated to helping our clients create websites that capture the essence of who they are and what they do. If you want a website like this for your business or higher education institution, you know who to call. 
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