sorry.exe: vector illustration and design
RMCAD Illustrative Design Video: illustration
Imagination Station: logos, brochure, and study guides
19-20 Season Materials
The 12 Days of Nihilistic Christmas: handlettering
Intrusive Brain Pop-Ups: vector illustration
Various Freelance Projects: 2016-present
Gimmicky Gimcracky: chocolate bar packaging
2018 Gala: invitation design
#BroTroWedding2018: wedding stationary design a typographic rant
Redesigning my favorite childhood books
A Festival of the Arts: poster designs
Opera Philadelphia projects
Personal Branding 2017-present
Improv Ice Cream: logo and packaging design
WORDS: typography and digital collage
Princeton U Concerts - Beethoven: poster illustration
30th Anniversary Gala: invitation design
Self? DEFENSE: illustration
Darkness Illuminated -The Raven: illustrated typography
2016-2017 season brochure and show artwork
On Photos: handlettering project
Typographic Projects
BS Doodles: personal cartoons (updated regularly)
Fraser Films: branding
Sample kit: product design and brochure
Fruitstrology: illustration and logo
Milk-Boy: a graphic novel
Bumble Crumbles: packaging system
BS ABCs: illustrative typography
Profane Love: typographic project
hide & seek: illustrated poster design
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